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Lady Sharon Bruton

Lady Sharon Bruton

Lady Sharon Bruton
Lady Sharon Bruton is a woman after God's heart and she is a gift to the body of Christ. In 1985, the Lord saved her, filled her with His Spirit and empowered her for the work of ministry. She is a woman among women who has been called by God to be a voice in the earth and to bring high praise into His temple. This awesome woman of God has a quiet and peaceful spirit and is a very powerful influence among women. Lady Bruton is a woman of beauty, grace, eloquence and excellence. She is a teacher, a mentor, a mother and friend to the women of NHBC. She is highly favored of the Lord and it is evident through the many gifts she possesses. Lady Bruton holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and she is also an accomplished musician and psalmist. She released her book entitled, "Big Shoes To Fill" in 2018 and plans to soon release a second book co-authored with her husband, Bishop Bruton.

Lady Bruton was recently named the Executive Associate Pastor at New Hope and serves wherever she is needed. Her dedication to the ministry, faithfulness to Bishop Bruton and her commitment to her children bring an incredible example to everyone at New Hope. She and Bishop Bruton have been married for 34 years and the Lord has blessed them with two beautiful children and 1 grandchild. Lady Bruton will tell you that she is after God's glory and the chase is on because she is in pursuit of God in everything she does.

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