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New Hope offers over 30 Ministries that serve our membership and the surrounding communities. Please click on a ministry to get more information. All the ministries can be contacted at 864-879-7080.

Addiction Recovery Ministry

A ministry/support group to those experiencing challenges with drugs, alcohol, food, or any substance abuse and to their family members or significant others.

Audio Ministry

Developed to offer ministry to those that desire to hear the word in their car or while sitting at home. It is an outreach ministry for the sick and shut in as well as a tool for those who are concerned for lost love ones.

Bible Study Ministry

God has given us His word as a road map for life. Each Wednesday afternoon and evening join us for a dynamic and motivational study of the word.

Brotherhood Ministry

Front Line Men is designed to challenge every man to be the man that God has ordained him to be. (Front Line Soldiers) This ministry encourages husbands to love their wives, to teach their children, to be active in the community and to fulfill the call as priest over their home.

Budget Committee Ministry

The Finance Budget Committee is a standing committee formed to advise the Church, the Pastor, and the Board on financial matters of the church. Members and the chair are approved by the pastor and the board. It always includes the church treasurer, the church clerk, church secretary, and at least one member of the active Deacons.

Couples Ministry

This ministry is designed to strengthen marriages by offering an annual marriage enrichment retreat and fun events for the entire family. It is set to teach principles from the word and offer role models of successful couples in the church.

Deacons Ministry

Deacons live in a spiritual relationship to God. They are ordained to minister (serve) the entire church family, support the pastor, and exemplify Christian character.

Drama Ministry

Drama ministry consists of a variety of artistic dramatic expressions. This ministry is centered on the youth of the church and offers expressive dance with the "Anointed for Christ dancers".

Greeters Ministry

The Greeter's Ministry at New Hope is a valuable asset to the ministry. Greeters are representatives of the Lord, the church, and the Pastor. It was specifically organized to: Greet and welcome guests, visitors, and members. It will also assist in tour presentations of the facility and assist the ushers with special seating. Any other duties are assigned by the Pastor.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry oversees fellowship dinners and is in sympathy with bereaved members.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer was developed as tool to pray for our church and our community while lifting up the various needs. Intercession is available Tuesday and Thursday at noon, and each Sunday morning at 6:30 am.

Ministers Prayer and Preparation

Designed to train ministers of the church by helping them recognize the need for prayer, embrace their strengths, understand their purpose, and prepare them for evangelistic outreach in the community.

Ministry of Help

Developed to meet the needs of people that are in trouble financially, emotionally, and physically.

Music Ministry

The purpose of the music ministry is to create an atmosphere of praise and worship. The music ministry consists of three anointed choirs and worship leaders that usher the church into the presence of God: Inspirational Choir, Youth Choir, and All Male Sanctuary Choir.

New Members Orientation Class

Designed to disciple new converts and orientate new members to the fellowship and worship practices of the New Hope Church family.

Outreach/Evangelism Ministry

Developed to offer ministry unto the lost by going out into our surrounding communities and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. This ministry is developed for the ones who do not attend church.

Prayer Line

Designed to offer a life line to those going through and a point of agreement for those that want to link their faith with other believers for specific needs.

Programs and Events Committee

The NHBC Programs and Events Committee is formed to develop and oversee the execution of public events planned within the boundaries of the NHBC.

Salary Advisory Committee Ministry

SAC Ministry has the responsibility for recommending and coordinating performance reviews for all paid staff positions of the church". It coordinates its work with the Budget committee and recommends salaries that are consistent with the Church Budget.

Seniors Ministry

Over Fifty Club is a ministry to encourage fellowship and offer support to the needs of those who have reached fifty years and older. It is designed to offer events unique to all seniors within the church and community.

Singles Ministry

The theme of this ministry is "In the Mean Time." The objective of this ministry is to offer support to the singles in the church that struggle with loneliness and staying chaste for the Lord. Sensational singles offers an alternative to the pressure of one on one dating by offering group activities.

Sunday School

The foundation of any successful church ministry comes from an effective teaching ministry. Sunday Church School is a powerful source of biblical teaching available to every age group.


Underlines the meaning of stewardship. Trustees have the duty and responsibility of caring for the management and handling of the church funds and property.

Usher Ministry

We all have diversities of gifts given to us according to the grace of God by the Holy Spirit. Every gift is unique and is used to edify the Church. The Ushers Ministry helps set the tone and creates an atmosphere of worship.

Women OF Hope

Developed to offer a support to all women; to mentor the younger women, to encourage the married women, and deal with the issues that are unique to women of various backgrounds.

Youth Ministry

The objective of the youth ministry is to provide a positive environment that will nurture and mentor the church's youth.